Enrol your son at one of South Africa’s leading private boys’ schools – from the comfort of your home, anywhere in South Africa

Why Highbury@Home?

Highbury@Home is an online schooling programme designed for Grade 4-7 boys, to meet their specific educational needs best. Highbury has a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading private boys’ schools. As the first 1-1 iPad school in KZN, Highbury has always been at the forefront of technology use in boys’ education. Highbury@Home combines the best tech for Grade 4-7 boys with our 117 years’ experience of knowing boys and access to outstanding teachers. A key difference with Highbury@Home is that we seek to meet the social and emotional needs of our boys, over and above providing an exceptional academic curriculum.

Informed by the best international research

A system of lesson delivery, engagement and feedback that gives boys the best possible opportunity to enjoy primary school online

A finely-balanced combination of routine and flexibility ideally suited to boys

Daily timetable with a combination of scheduled live sessions and asynchronous lesson delivery

CAPS-aligned curriculum that has been enriched and customized for Grade 4-7 boys

User-friendly systems, enabling boys to be as independent as possible to relieve pressure on income-earning parents

A Christian values-based approach that is aligned with our school’s highly-respected ethos

Full of opportunities for boys to grow relationships and friendships both at home and online at school

Prepares boys for entry into the leading senior schools in South Africa or the online senior school of their choice

A traditional private boys’ school education – now available online

Highbury@Home is a quality online school solution for Senior Primary boys who want to learn the CAPS curriculum from home, taught in a boy-centric way by experienced teachers from our traditional, Christian, all-boys’ school. Our teachers focus on building strong 1-1 relationships with each of their online students, in order to bring out the best in these boys over the important pre-teen learning years.

Highbury@Home requires each boy to have his own laptop as his distance learning tool. He will need a minimum of a 8 Mb/s internet connection and an adult at home while he is learning. The online learning year will be structured around four terms and a flexible daily and weekly timetable, generally from 8am until 2pm. There would be both continuous assessment as well as formal assessments and bi-annual reports as well as regular parent-teacher meetings.

Highbury@Home is only available for boys who live more than 30km away from Highbury Preparatory School in Hillcrest.

Benefits of being linked to Highbury Preparatory, the physical school

Highbury@Home boys will benefit from the strong link to Highbury Preparatory School.

Highbury@Home teachers will collaborate with Highbury Preparatory teachers

Highbury@Home boys will be registered with Highbury Preparatory school and therefore do not need to be registered as home schoolers

Chapel services and special events will be live streamed to Highbury@Home boys so they feel part of the physical school as well as the online school

Highbury@Home boys will be able to combine virtual learning with selective in-person experiences with teachers and classmates, where geographically possible. Access to the stunning 11-hectare Highbury estate expands the Highbury@Home experience.

An annual camp at Highbury in Hillcrest, KZN, is planned as an optional extra that can enhance students’ social and learning experience.

A Message from our Headmaster

“How do we create a world-class online learning experience uniquely designed for the needs of boys, aged 9 to 13 years old? How do we take online learning beyond just a curriculum, into an experience that grows boys into young men who are rooted in strong Christian values, a Culture of Honour, and with the skills and attitudes that make them sought after by South Africa’s leading high schools?

We do it by making a Highbury education available online. By taking our 117 years of experience in knowing boys and our cutting edge tech capabilities and combining them into the ultimate online learning experience for boys. By making our quality Highbury online teachers available to boys across South Africa. We are committed to making our Highbury@Home the best online school for Senior Primary boys in South Africa.”

– Mr Roland Lacock, Headmaster

Our Teachers

Our teachers at Highbury@Home are our biggest asset. A child’s journey through school is massively influenced by their teachers and we cannot overstate the importance of having incredible teachers.

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Mission & Values

Highbury is a boys’ Christian preparatory school, which offers all-round, relevant and dynamic education within a caring environment. Pupils are equipped with the values, skills and knowledge to deal with the demands of a changing and challenging world.

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Culture of Honour

To be a Highbury boy, is to embrace our Culture of Honour and our boys are unequivocally grounded in these values.

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Traditions at Highbury

Our Highbury@Home boys will benefit from taking part in Highbury traditions, online, and thereby being part of something that has not only endured for over a hundred years, but is well positioned for whatever the future holds.

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